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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nokia BH-905i unboxing

Today we're unboxing the Nokia BH-905i bluetooth headphones, that the guys at WOMWorldNokia sent me for a trial. As you may have seen in my video presentation, I am a fan of these headphones.

They are truly state of the art multi purpose headphones. You can use them to make quality calls, you can use them to listen to music, you can use them to video chat all day long, and you can use them the traditional wired way.

They have a full set of playback controls that you can use when you're connected to your phone, or your music player, over bluetooth that is.
The sound quality is amazing. When it comes to sound quality, I am a freak. I want clear sound, no distortions, no fuzz or noise. I like my music perfect. I have to say that when I went an bought myself a pair of headphones over 2 years ago, the guy at the store nearly broke down. I was over there for 2 hours testing headphone models, until I found a set of Watsons that I liked. That being said, the BH-905i are simply better than my wired headphones, and they're wireless, which comes in handy most of the times.

Anyway, here is the unboxing video:

P.S. I'll come back in a week or so with the full review.