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Friday, March 4, 2011

Soundtrckr updated to version 1.2

In case you haven't already heard, Nokia Betalabs just updated Soundtrckr to version 1.2.

What is Soundtrckr?
To quote the Betalabs website:

"Soundtrckr is the first Geosocial Internet radio. Soundtrckr has the largest fully licensed music catalog for Internet radio in the world. 8M tracks to create and share station with any artist, any genre, any language. Soundtrckr is social listening and discovery, where friends share stations and listen together in real time. Soundtrckr is also hyperlocal listening and discovering allowing users to tune into nearby stations created by other users, play what’s hot around the city."

Soundtrckr is developed by the company with the same name. It is a Java application, but I have to tell you that is sure doesn't feel like one. Part of the speedy and flawless integration with the operating system may be the fact that in order to run it you have to install the latest and greatest Java Runtime 2.1 for Symbian, which is also available on Betalabs.

So, here are the changelogs:

"New features and bug fixes for Symbian^3 and S60 5th Edition (Java Runtime 2.1 and 1.4):

Facebook Integration. You will be able to post on your wall what you are listening to and invite your Facebook friends to join you on Soundtrckr
Remove auto-capitalization
Performance and various bug fixes
Proper handling on log-in and connection errors"

T-Mobile users must keep in mind that for now they can only use Soundtrckr via WiFi. The guys at Soundtrckr are working on the issue and they promised to get it working in the next update.

Why am I recommending this app? Because to be honest this is the second application(first was Opera Mini 5) that I did not realize was written in Java. Usually Java apps are so slow that you can pick them out of 100 others. This one is different. It's fast and it does the job very well.