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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nokia BH-905i presentation

The nice people at WOMWorld have sent me a set of BH-905i headphones. I told them I would make a special presentation of the headphones, even before they had arrived. The truth is, I've used a pair of BH-905i's a while ago for a month, while I borrowed them from a friend. I have to say I loved them, and was very sad when I had to part with them, so imagine my joy when I heard another fresh pair is heading my way :)

So, I kind of kept the WOMWorld guys in the dark about this. These guys were the only ones who trusted me, to send me test devices to review. I had no background in the industry when I first asked, but still they took the chance.. So, this is may way of saying THANK YOU WOMWORLD, an to all the wonderful people there, the Tom's, Paul, Cecilia, Robin, Tim, Denise and Andre (sorry if I've missed anyone).

And, after 3 days of working on the video(even on my b-day yesterday), here is the presentation video I made for the BH-905i's.

P.S. I will be making an usual unboxing within the next days.