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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nokia E6-00 leaked again! Photos and videos inside!

Well folks, the unannounced Nokia E6-00 is here again! This time with covered properly with photos and hands on videos.

The touchscreen is confirmed. Even though I originally thought it won't have a touchscreen, it does. I don't see the point of a D-pad in this case, but whatever.

Here are some photos:

This leaked material confirms some of the features that were presumed for the E6-00. First of all, there is the 8MP camera with dual-led flash and EDoF, 720p video recording, just like the C6-01, C7 and E7. The OS is an adaptation of Symbian^3 for 4:3 aspect and what looks like 640x480px resolution.

Here are some hands on videos too from the source of the leak. I must warn you though, they are a bit blurry:

Still no details on the release date or price, but the best guess is somewhere around the price of the N8.