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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nokia X1-00: Boombox in your pocket

If you're still wondering what Nokia X series is all about, here comes the X1-00 to clear things up. It's about MUSIC. LOUD! music in this case. The Orange color screams, "LOOK AT ME", while the built in speakers actually do "scream", with a rating of 106phon (Quote from Nokia: "a phon is a measure of perceived loudness – 106 of them is enough to rattle your window frames, apparently"). Nokia claims that the frequency response has been tweaked so you'll be able to hear clearly even at high volumes.

The device is meant to be another best seller in the low range. This device will set you back only 35 Euros, but most likely you'll find it for free on a contract.

The phone has three dedicated play keys, and features a single-key playlist creator. It also supports MicroSD cards up to 16GB and includes an FM radio.

The X1-00 bonds with his low end brothers from the 110X series by sharing a common feature, something I never thought I would see in a mobile phone again: a torch.

The battery is rated at 61 days in standby, but in real life that would probably mean about 2 weeks of normal phone usage, or a maximum of one week when playing music most of the times.

An unusual feature is the capability to support up to five phone books. Don't ask me why, because at this price sharing the phone between family members just doesn't make any sense.

The X1-00 is powered by the Series 30 OS with a pimped up music player app (it is an X series after all). It measures 112.2 x 47.3 x 16mm and weighs 91g, and it comes in blue color too.

What else can be said, China look out, Nokia's coming to get ya!