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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why you should still be interested in Nokia and Symbian

This morning I saw this tweet from what seems to be a Nokia fan that lost interest after the Microsoft-Nokia partnership announcement.

"My huge interest in Nokia has been dramatically reduced since Elop's announcement. Where is Europe heading to in terms of Technology ?"

My guess is that this tweet is based on the fact that everyone interpreted Elop's affirmation that Windows Phone will be Nokia's primary smartphone platform in the future, as the death of Symbian. Now, Symbian's death is closely related to the user adoption rate of the new Symbian^3 OS and devices. The fact is that Nokia will release a major update of the Symbian^3 platform, something unprecedented in Nokia's history. Unlike the Symbian^1 platform, which was kind of dumped by Nokia, Symbian^3 will get from the first major update, things that S^1 users never had, nor will they ever. Nokia will change the homescreen, menu and general look and feel of the new OS.

Now, this update will have consequences, good consequences I believe, because in terms of user interface, it will bring Symbian closer to it's competitors Android and iOS. The old style user interface of Symbian^3 is the major complaint everyone had in the reviews I've read over the web(one of which I have done myself). So updating the user interface will clear Symbian's path to not only old time Nokia fans, but new users too.

The only way Nokia will be able to still sell Symbian is to get rid of the "Symbian will die" label that has be put on Nokia's forehead by the press. I believe they will do that when they will release further updates for Symbian^3.

So, if Symbian keeps selling like it did, Nokia will surely not drop it, and keep it running in parallel with Windows Phone. I mean, no company in the whole wide world would drop a selling product.

Bottom line is this: Nokia's sales may drop a little after the MS-Nokia announcement, but after the PR2.0 update for Symbian^3 devices, they will surely get back on top. Just wait and see.