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Friday, May 25, 2012

Nokia Belle Refresh replaces FP1 for the Nokia N8 and it's siblings

So the Nokia N8 is going to get some FP1 love after all under a new set of clothes, Nokia Belle Refresh.

The guys over at Unleashthephones.com got their hands on some screenshots from the upcoming update and it's all good news.

There is a new browser version, 8.3 which should improve the usability of the Nokia Browser and the new version will be dubbed 111.040.

The N8 will also get the new widgets that we've already seen in the FP1 update, including Mail, new arrivals, Gallery, Mobile Data counter, various toggles and a greater variety of clock widgets. Another useful widget that I was desperately waiting for is the notes widget which gives you quicker access to creating and reading your notes.

There is also an update for the Music player and it looks like we're going to finally get Microsoft Office probably as a download from the Nokia Store.

Rumor has it that the N8 will also get a boost in CPU speed, "a minimal overclock" to quote the Nokia spokesman that provided the news, Mathias Fiorin. That means the N8 will probably be bumped to 800 MHz even though the SoC inside can do 1 GHz by design.