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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Asha 302 - Day one of #SmartphoneLiteWeek

First day without a smartphone... Using Asha 302 as my main device made me realize that I'm nor really using my smartphone to it's full potential. Asides from smart dialing, the weather app and Dungeon Hunter 2 HD, I haven't missed much so far.

Here are the pros and cons of the Asha 302 so far. I'll start with the cons.

  • No smart dialing
  • No Nokia account contacts and calendar sync
  • Installed apps are not visible in the main menu
  • No search app
  • Update The widget can be configured [Shortcuts widget cannot be reconfigured]
  • APN settings very hard to find
  • Materials used for the keyboard look cheap
  • No SD card in the box

  • Flawless connectivity management (never did I once have to choose a connection)
  • Good mail client
  • Good social client
  • CPU speed more than makes up for java apps
  • Email notification in the system top bar (Symbian Belle still does not have this feature)
  • Ability to handle multiple email accounts with ease
  • Very good hardware QWERTY
  • Solid build with metal cover on the back (despite the cheap looking plastic of the keyboard)
  • Threaded SMS view
  • Camera UI surprisingly good
  • Good loudspeaker volume
  • Decent 150+MB free in phone memory on first boot

So far so good. Hopefully I can stay away from smartphones for 6 more days. I wonder how I will survive the weekend, considering I usually play a lot DH2 then.

We'll see how it goes.