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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Asha 302 - Day three of #SmartphoneLiteWeek

So far I've been able to steer away from smartphones but it wasn't that hard because it was a busy work week and I had tons of other things to think about. But now it gets tricky... The weekend is here and I see smartphones everywhere. I haven't played Dungeon Hunter or Angry Birds in a while and I miss then. But I have to be strong and resist the temtation to pick up the N8.

On day three I just realized that some features I missed from smartphones were actually there on the Asha 302 too. On day one I said that the shortcuts bar was not configurable, when in fact it was.

Being a Facebook and Twitter only kind of guy, Asha 302's social apps suited my needs and so far I have no complaints about it. The social client looks very similar to the Symbian WRT client, and that's a good thing.

The chat client works perfectly and it's up for the task of keeping you connected to your friends. It supports lots of chat networks, but I use only GTalk and Facebook. Yahoo, Ovi, MSN are there too if you need them. Good to see that FB chat is there as I believe most of you use that as your main chat means.

I started missing the 12MP snapper badly. Every time I think "It's macro time!" I quickly realize that I no longer have the cameraphone queen in my pocket. But the Asha does it's best to help me take a snap with it's 3.2 camera.

What I like about the Asha the most it is the speed the apps open up with. The 1GHz CPU sure makes it's presence felt. Opera Mini opens faster than on some Symbian S60 handsets.

I guess Nokia's strategy to replace Symbian with the Asha/Windows Phone combo is starting to show. Clearly the Asha family is eating it's way up the food chain into the low budget Symbian market, trying to replace the likes of Nokia 5320 or the Nokia 5800 or even the E5. The Asha family has a long and bumpy road ahead, but only time will tell if they're up for the task.