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Monday, May 21, 2012

Asha 302 - Day five of #SmartphoneLiteWeek

Once upon a time there were four warriors. These brave souls swore to let go of their favorite smartphones and use only an Asha 302 for a week.

One has fallen prey to the demon lord Windows Phone, who lured him away from the Asha with it's seductive tiles. But three, will carry on, to reach new heights and conquer the challenge that lays before them. Two more days... and the brave warriors will have succeeded.

Asha cannot compare it's powers with the reigning lords Windows Phone or Symbian, but it sure is agile enough to elude them for a while, a week, that is.

This is day five. Asha is still in my pocket. When I pass my N8 around the house, I feel like an addict near dope. Hard to resist, yet I must. A challenge is a challenge, and once I accepted it, I must see it trough.

Today Asha has shown one if it's limits. When trying to send a raven in reply to the other brave warriors, I realized I could not. Asha would only let me send a raven to the first one of them. But Asha's help, the Opera lead me to the raven's official guild, where I could send messages to all of them at once.

Day six is ahead... What other challenges must I face next?...