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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nokia N8 unboxing

Well, the day has come that I finally got my hands on a Nokia N8. The nice people at WOMWorld sent me this N8 for a two weeks trial.

The phone is solidly built, it feels very good in hand, and as a very nice surprise, it is very light. The camera takes amazing pictures(I'll get back with another post on that one) and to my surprise, it takes them fast. Very fast. The phone seems to love to take pictures.

I found myself pulling the N8 from my pocket each 5 minutes just to look at it. I still do. As I write this post, it's sitting next to me and I find myself staring at it for a few seconds once in a while.

What can I say? Do I want one? Definitely. Can I afford one? Ask my kid, he'll say "na na na na".

But enough with the chit-chat, here is the unboxing video: