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Friday, June 10, 2011

Motorola fails it's customers again

This post is addressed to whom it may concern within the Motorola company.

So, Motorola, you are lying to users once again... Now it's unlocked bootloaders, now it locked. Well, in my country the Constitution guarantees the right of ownership. We also have a law on Consumer Protection. The Consumer Protection law states that the manufacturer of a product must provide a solution in a timely manner to a problem that a customer encounters. It also states that if a solution is not found, the manufacturer is obliged by law fix, replace the defective product or to return the amount of money spent by the Consumer when purchasing the product, without causing prejudice to the Consumer. Right now I have not been given a solution by your Romanian counterparts or by your forum experts. My Milestone is practically a brick. I updated to Froyo when it came out and I was told by your people that in order to revert to Eclair(which was working properly) I will lose all my data. That is what I call prejudice. In order to preserve my data I have to stick with the defective software, or lose my data to get a working phone. Furthermore, the multitasking that was advertised as working on this phone is not working as a fact, probably due to the lack of RAM available on the Milestone. The fact that the Motorola engineers were not able to get Froyo, a newer and more optimized version of Android than Eclair, to run on the same amount of RAM and provide the same functionality as with the original software is a Motorola problem and not a customer side problem. Never was it mentioned in your warnings that if I would install Froyo, I won't be able to run 2 apps at the same time on my Milestone. The only warning was that I should run less apps in parallel. Less apps does not mean only one.
When you announced that you will revise the locked bootloader policy I mistakenly assumed that it would apply to existing customers too, since we still have rights as Motorola customers. How wrong was I....

So the first issue we have with your Motorola is that you do not allow us to use our owned hardware as we want it, to it's full potential by limiting our choices with a locked bootloader. That I see as a breach of our constitutional rights of guaranteed ownership(property). This would not have been a problem if you would have provided a viable software alternative or an unlockable bootloader.

The second issue we have with you Motorola is false advertising which is also punishable by law.

The third issue we have is the prejudice you cause us when we want to get our phones in an usable state again, loss of data that is.

Me and a fairly large community of Milestone users from Romania are strongly thinking of forming a class action against Motorola here in Romania, where I assure you, YOU WILL LOSE THE LAWSUIT! You have to understand Motorola, we have no other choice. You did not offer us a viable alternative to your faulty software. You never had such a large disgruntled user base with the Droid because it had an open bootloader and people have given up on your software and installed custom better ones. We do not have that choice. You have taken it away from us. Bottom line... Unless we are given a solution to this issue, there may be legal actions.

Anyone who would like to support the Motorola Milestone users having these issues with Motorola, please share, tweet or retweet this post.