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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nokia N9 uncovered. MeeGo is beautiful

Well, in my previous post I said that Nokia made a smart move with the N9, and that it will open up some new opportunities for Nokia phones. I take that back. The N9 doesn't need a ported OS. MeeGo is beautiful. When I saw MeeGo getting demoed I could not believe it! It is what I've been looking for in a smartphone. Everything is well organized starting with all notifications in one screen, all apps on another, and finishing with the superb open apps manager.

I love the idea of a phone with no buttons, and what Nokia has done with this idea I call art. MeeGo is so natural, I can hardly believe that Nokia, the same people who did Symbian, developed it. I think this can be the third horse in the smartphone race, and if Mr. Elop dumps MeeGo, he's an idiot, or a Microsoft trojan-horse.

Just take a look for yourselves.