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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Touring Europe with Ovi Maps

First of all I had to share a place from my home city Craiova, Romania in Ovi Maps, a place that brought both ecstasy and despair to the people of this city. I live nearby the biggest city stadium, the Ion Oblemenco stadium, which is home of the Universitatea Craiova football club.

You can see it here on Ovi Maps: The Ion Oblemenco Stadium
The U(short for Universitatea) Craiova club is legendary in Romania, being the first Romanian team to ever reach an UEFA Cup semifinal. The team that achieved this performance was called Craiova Maxima. This performance was never followed by the next generations. Now U Craiova plays in the second Romanian league hoping to go back to the fist league next year.

Ion Oblemenco Stadium in the evening

So, to go further, since I am a football fan, and never quite had the chance to leave the country, I decided to visit Barcelona and the Camp Nou Stadium, the home of FC Barcelona. It was not it in the Ovi Maps 3D landmarks, but after some searching I found it, and it is gorgeous.

Here it is, as seen on Ovi Maps:

Camp Nou Stadium

Next, I decided to make a quick stop in Milano in Italy to check out the San Siro Stadium, or Giuseppe Meazza, as it is known today, home of Internazionale Milano and A.C. Milan football clubs. I looked a bit for this one too, but here it is:

Giuseppe Meazza(San Siro) Stadium

Well, enough with the stadiums, let's see some historical sights. For that we go to London. First of all, let's see the place that was on fire a while ago with the wedding of price William and Kate Middleton, the Westminister Abbey. This is the place were all the kings and queens of England have their weddings. It's an important milestone England's history, both old and modern.

Westminister Abbey

Since I was in London I decided to "drop by" the guys from WOMWorld located on Windmill Street near the Piccadilly Circus.

1000Heads/WOMWorld London Office

Nice to finally see where all those Nokia goodies have been coming from.

Thank you Ovi Maps!