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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Samsung Wave the best rated phone on GSMArena

Today's GSMArena rankings (September 1st 2010), show the Samsung Wave rated at 9.059 our of 10, with 51,399 votes. The Wave if followed by two more Samsung phones, the Galaxy S at number 2 with a rating of 8.800 and the Omnia HD at number 3 with a rating of 8.748.

The other phones in the top 5 are the HTC Desire and the HTC HD2.

It seems there is a growing interest for Samsung phones, especially the Bada-powered Wave, which should help Bada grow a pretty decent appstore in a short while. With the Bada Challenge simulator submission phase, I expect a shipload of apps to hit the Samsung Apps website as soon as the results with the first 300 come in on September 16th.