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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Noka 5230 overclocked to 800MHz

UPDATE: A it turns your HyperX only managed to "overclock" the CPU speed reporting. He did however overclock his Omnia HD to speeds up to 1GHz, from the original 600MHz.

A famous modder HyperX has managed to overclock the Nokia 5230 ARM11 434MHz CPU to 800MHz. Using ROMPatcher Plus he manages to set the speed of the ARM11 CPU to variable speeds from 250MHz, which means a very long battery life for those who don't need much processing power, to a stunning 800MHz for the hardcore users. However, it's a big probability that your CPU's life will be very short if set at 800MHz so a more friendly value of 600MHz is advised. No one knows for sure what the maximum speed of this ARM11 is, but many suspect it's 680MHz, while others think it's 528MHz. Anyhow, 600MHz is a big improvement for the 5230's users.
This first successful overclocking raises the question of weather the Symbian bootloader was cracked to achieve these values, and if so, what's next? Android on Nokias maybe?
Here is the video where HyperX demoes not only the overclocking but the Nokia C6 firmware running on his Nokia 5230.