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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nokia forum experts bashing clients - continued(2)

As I wrote last month, I tried to get a reaction from the Nokia forum officials, regarding some threads where people were treated badly by some forum "Experts". Initially I thought that something will happen because I got an answer like "I'll investigate this" from Nokia Ron, who seems to be the forum administrator. As you can see from the link below, I did not.


On the other hand I got some responses from more "Experts" and "Champions", some of which were also involved in the threads that made me start this awakening campaign for Nokia.

In the above mentioned thread, Mr. Lucian Tomuta (ltomuta) assured me that the thread I first mentioned to them was a singular incident and they learned from it.

Well, that's not entirely true isn't it? I showed this guy another thread where he and his fellow paladins had the same attitude, same disrespect and same gang behavior towards some more users.

Guess what, he now refuses to continue the discussion. How about that! Isn't that the Nokia way! When something bothers you, close your eyes and it'll go away. Good job boys! Keep it up!