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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bada developer challenge results

The Bada developer challenge results have been published. Most apps selected were games and entertainment apps. This seems a little weird, but it looks like Samsung wants the Bada OS to be an entertainment/gaming platform. That's OK, but I for one thought that Bada was about more than that. As I said in a previous post, Bada is gonna be as good as the Samsung Apps will be, and if you want a gameboy-like-phone then it's OK, otherwise you may want to take another look at Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This is a huge letdown for me. As I read in the challenge forums, there were hardly a handful of apps that are productivity related. So if you plan to buy a phone for business use, you better look elsewhere. Even though Samsung announced a Bada powered QWERTY slider, I don't see how gaming would make sense on such a device.
Anyway, if that's where they're going with Bada I wish them good luck. Even though I was planning to develop some more productivity apps for Bada, I have to let it go, because clearly this isn't the audience Samsung wants for Bada phones.