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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Samsung Wave first impressions

The first time I saw the Wave I could not believe that someone actually made a phone that is exactly the phone I dream of at night :). The size, the build, the screen and the metal body are exactly the kind of things that I look for in a phone. I thought then "if it would run Android, it would be the perfect phone". But it didn't run Android, so I was a little disappointed, at first. Then I saw a demo of Bada and I realized that it isn't just "another OS", it's an OS with a bright future ahead(if properly backed by Samsung). Then I heard about the Bada developer challenge, and decided to give it a try. I managed to get a running application and submit it in about 4 days. You would think "what the heck, if it's a simple app, you can do it in less than 4 days". Here is the funny part: the Bada SDK is written in C++ and I am a Java developer with no experience whatsoever in C++, so for me it meant a lot.

Back to the Wave. This phone didn't impress me just by the looks, it also impressed me with the hardware specs: 1GHz CPU, 512RAM and 2GB of storage out of the box is no little thing. the Super-AMOLED display is also a gorgeous thing to look at, the viewing angles and brightness of this thing is unbelievable.

Now, I have to confess that I was so inspired by the Wave, and I like it so much that I actually enlisted in the Bada developer challenge with the hopes of getting in the first 300, and getting a free Wave. The challenge will end on August 31st, and I'll know if I won a Wave by mid September. I'll keep you posted.

This post may be biased by me liking the Wave so much, but I'm sure that the readers who know this phone will agree that once you've seen it you can't be objective anymore. Those who didn't meet the Wave yet, you should. Here is a video: