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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Phones stolen - going back to Nokia 1680

Well, my wife just informed me that both phones she had on her(her own LG GU280 and my Nokia 5230) were stolen from her while she was at the hairdresser. She left them in a pocket on her coat. And did not find them there when she got home. Of course both phones are powered off now, since all I get when I call them is "the customer you're trying to call is out of reach". So, now I'm gonna have to go back to my old Nokia 1680 or my ancient Sagem My C2-3 (dinosaurs used to call each other on one of those). Well, that's life. Lucky I still have the C7 WOMWorlkNokia gave me to test, and my SIM card, it'll give some time to purchase a new phone.
Be careful people, this can happen to you too! Next time I'll get an insurance of my new phone.