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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nokia Store running on Nokia E6

So, yesterday I checked out a video from Mike Macias showing the new Nokia Store running on the Nokia N8. I quickly went to the Nokia BetaLabs website to download it for the E6 I got on trial(courtesy of WOMWorld). But I saw the E6 wasn't on the supported phones list. I was a little disappointed to see that, but I hit the download link anyway, expecting to see a "Sorry, this is not available for your device" message. Instead, the website somehow detected the phone as a X7(probably because of the X7 I got for trial last time), and allowed the download.
So the app installed without a problem, and works flawlessly(except for D-pad navigation). The application is much faster now, and has fixed some of the annoying bugs from the Ovi Store app. It has an updated user interface, in line with the current Symbian Belle user interface. So here is a video with the app running on the E6: