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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nokia E7 unboxing and hands on

Well, finally the Nokia E7 came by, courtesy of the nice folks at WOMWorldNokia. The phone feels rock solid and taking into account the materials used, it's say it is rock solid. And it has the scars to prove it(two little bumps from a previous fall his former owner had). The ClearBlack display is gorgeous, indoors I cannot tell where the contour ends and where the display starts. You'll see in the video what I mean.

The slide out keyboard(pop up keyboard or snap out keyboard more likely) is the most comfortable keyboard I've used on a mobile phone. The keys are spaced perfectly, the press is not too sensitive, nor too hard, but just right. In short it's a pleasure to write on.

So here is the usual unboxing video with some hands on action included.