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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nokia N9 finally surfaces - MeeGo on 12MP sounds good

Well, it looks like Nokia finally decided to let us see what the N9 is all about. The 12MP camera is no surprise, probably the same as the N8, but this baby has a sliding keyboard like the E7, and runs MeeGo!

Why all the excitement? Well, believe it or not, even if they sided with Microsoft by adopting Windows Phone as their primary smartphone platform, Nokia isn't that dumb to let the customers that wanted them to switch to Android get away. Running MeeGo means that the N9 could easily run Android, so here it is... WP7 on one hand, MeeGoDroid on the other... Keep everybody happy. I think this is a very good move. It's like when computer manufacturers load up some crappy linux on you new laptop. They know you'll install something else on it, but it has be sold functional, so...

I'm not saying MeeGo isn't good, but right now, Android has a 200.000 app base behind it.
Here is a teaser video of the upcoming N9.