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Friday, February 25, 2011

Symbian^3 PR 2.0 update will bring a lot of goodies

It seems that the presentation made by Nokia in China, is being implemented as we speak. The following video demonstrates what seems to be the next update for Symbian^3 devices.

The notable changes include changes to the Calendar application that now includes a short view of the events for the selected day (actually looks a lot like what's on the Nokia 5800 and 523X),and the most welcomed and expected, split screen input method. As seen on minute 1:28 of the video, there is a alphanumeric keyboard popping up when typing a message. At min 1:45 you can see the portrait virtual QWERTY in action. FINALLY! It is a welcomed change and a needed one. The keyboard looks a bit primitive, but it will probably be polished and will most likely look at least as good as the Swype keyboard does.

Another welcomed update is the Web browser, which can be observed at minute 3:05 and has now a more modern look and a top address bar like any other browser of today. It seems that it still lacks tabbed navigation, but Nokia is on the right track.

So, Symbian^3 users, you can start rubbing your hands for joy because the wait seems to be over.