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Monday, February 28, 2011

Nokia N8 PR2.0 update closer than ever

Another video demos the new supposed update for the Nokia N8, and I guess for it's Symbian^3 fellas as well. This one is a more recent version than the one from last week. This time it seems the browser has got the new window(or tab) ability we've all been waiting for. It still lags pretty much, but I guess that by the time it gets released to the public audience it won't be so unstable.

It also seems that the QWERTY virtual keyboard is a bit more polished, but not too much. Also the email client has got some new functionality and bling.

The icon theme seems to have changed across the whole UI, but that can be just a theme the guy who demoed the update may have installed, so don't start jumping up and down for joy before you see it with your own eyes.

Well, I guess we'll know in a short while if the update will be every Symbian fanboy's dream or not.