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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nokia E5 review coming up soon

Last week, I posted the unboxing and first impressions on the Nokia E5 the guys at WOMWorldNokia have sent me.

I said then that I will follow up with a full hands on at the end of the week. As I dug deeper into the phone functions and software, I realized that a hands on will not do the phone justice, and I decided to proceed with the full in depth review instead.

The fun part(for me at least) is that part of the upcoming review (almost 90% of it actually), will be written on the phone itself. It is an experiment I am trying to do because I just loved the hardware QWERTY keyboard and I really want to put it to the test. So, later or this week, or early on next week, I will have a detailed review of the E5 posted.

The review won't be the traditional review of the stock software, because it will include software updates, beta software and third party software that in my opinion greatly improve the usability and speed of the phone. I'm not talking about paid apps, I'm talking about free apps, that anyone can have access to, and that drastically improve the user experience of the E5.

Stay tuned for the full review.