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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nokia Lumia Amazing Ambassadors report

I am happy to announce that Monday August 6th 2012, Nokia Romania has announced the winners of the Lumia Amazing Ambassadors contest. They decided that all four finalists have shown dedication and amazing involvement in the contest and granted the test phones as final prizes for all four. As you may know, I am one of the four contestants, so since this Monday I am the proud owner of a brand new Nokia Lumia 800.

In the three weeks of contest I have tried to bring you new content featuring the Lumia, in the form of short video reviews of apps I like and use on this phone. From now on, I will have more time to bring you more detailed reviews(since I have no more campaigning to do for the contest).

I want to thank everyone that supported and helped me in this endeavor that lasted three weeks. From this day on, my old phone, the Nokia N8 will get sidetracked, and the new Lumia 800 will be the main subject of my reviews.

Last but not least, I want to thank the wonderful people over at Nokia Romania for giving me the chance to participate in this contest, and for the wonderful surprise they prepared for all four finalists including me. Big round of applause for their effort!

Thank you once again!