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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crazy Friday, Follow Friday, Thank you Nokia

Well, yesterday was a day like every other Fridays. I left work and went to do a little grocery shopping, and then I got home. Little did I know about the surprise that was waiting at home.

First of all I quickly noticed around 30 new emails in my account, and my first thought was "well, another wave of spam mail", but then I saw all the mails were from Twitter. Imagine my surprise, when I saw I was mentioned in a tweet by @nokia itself.

I was honored, but I had no idea of what actually happened, so I went online and checked my mentions. And here is what I found:

So it was a follow Friday tweet, but it was no ordinary tweet. This was the biggest follow Friday tweet ever, written on a wall, with graffiti and everything. And it was all for me and two more guys, nkumar_ and adityasinghvi. I'm the one in yellow and green. Check it out below.

So my first reaction was to just stare at the picture and could not believe it. Second reaction was to pinch myself in order to wake up, but as you can see, it was no dream, it was real. Then I couldn't speak for a while, and when finally I put myself together again, I experienced an accomplishment feeling that I didn't experience in while. Only my son and my wife can make me feel like that.

Nokia, you made my day. I still can hardly believe this actually happened to me. Of course the image is now my twitter wallpaper, my desktop wallpaper, my phone's wallpaper and when I get to work on Monday my work computer's wallpaper.

I don't know what I did to deserve such an honor, but I greatly appreciate the effort the guys at Nokia went trough for this FF tweet, and I am deeply impressed.

Thank you Nokia!