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Monday, July 18, 2011

Candybar or slider QWERTY? Sandy beach challenge: Nokia E5 vs Nokia E7 vs Motorola Milestone

Well, I've been away on vacation for the last two weeks and of course, I had to stay in touch with the world. So my only weapon of mass messaging was the Motorola Milestone.

Normally the Milestone does the job pretty well, even if it's keyboard is below average. But when the Milestone meets the sand of the Black Sea beaches, that's when the trouble starts. It got sand everywhere. And with my hands all moist with sunscreen, I had a very hard time using the phone's most basic functions. So that's when I started thinking, "What phone could perform in these conditions without a hassle?".

Two phones that I've used and reviewed in the past came to mind. The first was the Nokia E7. The pop slider of the E7 would have spared me the trouble of grinding the phone against the sand every time I needed the QWERTY, but would I be able to use the touchscreen as I needed it? The E7 would have probably been rendered useless by the sunscreen as the Milestone was. You can read my full Nokia E7 review here

So here is the winner of the beach messengers, the Nokia E5. No touchscreen means no greasy hands on the screen and the candybar QWERTY would have avoided the getting sand everywhere inside the phone's mechanics. You can read my full review of the Nokia E5 here.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the winner and champion of the sandy beach is.... Nokia E5.