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Monday, October 25, 2010

Nokia plans progressive updates from S^3 to S^4

Nokia revealed on October 21st that they plan to update the current S^3 OS in terms of features and user interface to the upcoming S^4 in a series of firmware updates. This is a good move for Nokia because before this press release most people thought that S^3 devices will not be getting S^4 in the future.

Here is Rich Green's interview where he explains Nokia's future software strategy.

I asked the Nokia press services people what will happen with the current S^1 devices and here is what Mark Durrant wrote me:

"We will offer updates to S^1 but the UI of S^1 will not evolve into the new Symbian.

Our focus for the new Symbian is on touch capable devices, building on the current S^3 and evolving to the look and feel planned for S^4 in a series of steps using Qt / Qt Quick.

For applications written in Qt, these can already be installed to S^1 devices using the Smart Installer."

This answer clears things up, as the initial press release stated that Nokia concentrates all the efforts into the new Symbian platform.