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Saturday, March 3, 2012

#NokiaTSN Nokia 603 and Luna unboxing

Nokia 603 is a budget smartphone. It's not one for the lowest of the budgets(that's where the 500 fits) but for people who would pay the extra buck to get a much better device.

The 603 design is identical(except the size of course) with the Lumia 710. Same type of removable covers, though the 603 only wears a black one, same buttons on the front, same controls on the top. And what a design it is. It fits perfectly in hand, I mean perfectly. It's so cozy in the hand without any doubt in the user's mind that it might slip.

The box contains the handset itself, an USB charger, a data cable, a Nokia wired headset and the Nokia Luna NFC enabled Bluetooth headset.

Today we're not gonna do the usual unboxing video, because this is what #NokiaTSN is all about. Nokia 603 today's task is to shoot his own unboxing :). Here it is:

So, in order to check out the 603 itself, I've asked for a helping hand from my faithful N8. In the next video, besides touring the 603, I tried, and succeeded, pairing the 603 with the Luna. Here it goes.