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Friday, November 5, 2010

SPB Weather review

The weather app is probably the most used application on a mobile phone. Various applications and widgets can be used from many providers that preset the data in their own way. Some may seem strange, some may seem familiar. The SPB Weather application is a native Symbian application, unlike other widget applications for Symbian out there, so it runs fast and clean. What I like most about this app, is that it keeps the Symbian UI experience, while providing more usability than most Symbian apps(and I'm talking about the ones provided by Nokia).

You can see the weather conditions for multiple cities, in case your business takes you on the road often. The main screen provides a summarized view of the current weather conditions showing current, morning, day and evening temperatures, and a short forecast with minimum and maximum temperatures for the upcoming days. Side swiping goes to the next city.

Main screen
Detailed view
Forecast details

Tapping the current conditions opens up a detailed view of the current conditions. This view shows the current temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and wind speed for the time of the last update, as well as the humidity and wind speed for the rest of the day.

Tapping on the short forecast for one of the following days opens up a more detailed forecast of that day, split by times of the day, forecast which includes the temperature, humidity and wind speed. If you want to go to the next day or the previous day, simply swipe right or left on you screen.

The options menu of the main screen allows you to add or remove cities, change the measuring units, or schedule periodical updates. You can change the measuring units from metric to imperial, and you can also add a new city or remove the currently selected one.

SPB Weather options

The application also has a layers view of the globe, where you can choose to see the clouds over the globe, the temperature overlay, and the rain overlay. This is a pretty neat feature because the globe that is displayed is 3D and can be rotated to see any region of the globe. Of course the cities you have selected are shown as pinpoints on the rotating globe. When you use the cities layer, you can also see the forecast for the cities in a popup box. You can zoom in on the globe and can press the play button and see the an animated forecast.

SPB Weather layers

Bottom line is, this weather application has everything you could ever want in a weather app. You can give it a try at the SPB Website.